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Where Do You tresWhiten Your Teeth?

Recently, my husband and I drove to the Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists meeting in Monterey, California. Knowing that we would be with colleagues, I needed to get prepared and also whiten my husband’s teeth with Opalescence treswhite Supreme by Ultradent.

Being a busy professional, orthopaedic surgeon, husband, and Dad, my husband has very little time to whiten his teeth when he is not active. I decided to bring a new box of Opalescence treswhite Supreme whitening trays by Ultradent and whiten my husband’s teeth during the commute in the car.

On Highway 680 near San Jose I said “Honey, I care about you very much. I think you need to whiten your teeth.” My husband said “sure” and I gave him the trays. When it comes to whitening teeth, men need help. 20 minutes later my husband had a whiter, brighter smile. Because he drinks coffee and Coke daily, my husband needed more than one treswhite application. The next day I put the treswhite trays by the morning coffee maker and said, “Honey, today on the commute home, don’t forget to treswhiten your teeth!”

After a few days of treswhite trays from the 10 set box, my husband’s teeth looked great! It’s that easy to whiten your husband’s teeth. It’s tres easy with treswhite by Ultradent.


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