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Where Do You TresWhiten Your Teeth?

RECENTLY, I HAD A FEW MOMENTS at home completely to myself. Being a busy orthodontist, wife, and mother, I have very little time when I am doing nothing to whiten my teeth with Opalescence tresWhite Supreme by Ultradent.

Doing nothing can be a waste of time, or it can be an art form. Doing nothing can improve your life, melt away stress, and make you more productive when you actually do work. You can practice this art for 20 minutes while you tresWhiten your teeth.

  1. Find a comfortable place to do nothing. Think of how a cat makes itself comfortable. It could be in a soft chair, a couch, a bed, or a garden.
  2. Shut everything out. This includes the computer, phone, radio. Sit there, put in your tresWhite trays, close your eyes, and do nothing.
  3. Breath in, breath out, let it go. If you start thinking about other things, stop. Bring your thoughts back to your breathing. Focus on the surroundings around you.
  4. Tense each muscle in your body, then relax. Start with you feet and work up to your eyebrows. If you can do the top of your head, you are too advanced for this blog.
  5. Feel the effervescent bubbles of your Ultradent tresWhite tray at work. This is the great feeling of whitening your teeth.

The Art of Doing Nothing isn’t easy. It will take planning and practice. Once you have these simple steps mastered, enjoy every minute. Try it today for 20 minutes. And remember, it’s that easy to whiten your teeth. It’s tres easy with tresWhite by Ultradent.


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