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Where Do You tresWhiten Your Teeth?

RECENTLY, AT THE START OF the new year, the team at Gorczyca Orthodontics began to prepare for its Annual Advance, a one-day team day devoted to self- improvement and brainstorming about the wonderful year which lies ahead. Knowing that each of us will be presenting our thoughts before the group, we needed to get prepared and also whiten our teeth with Opalescence TresWhite Supreme by Ultradent.

Many small businesses, large corporations, and government agencies will be holding similar meetings at the start of the new year. Whether you will be presenting to a group or presenting to patients, when you present, you need to feel your best, look your best, and be your best. This can be accomplished by having straight white teeth. On the morning of your presentation, simply take 20 minutes to put in a TresWhite tray. This can be done in the shower, as you get dressed, or even as you drive in your car to the presentation.

Public speaking isn’t easy. It will take time, thought, and preparation. Whitening your teeth can be part of this preparation and is well worth the confidence and the smile it will give you. It’s easy to whiten your teeth. It’s tres easy with TresWhite by Ultradent.


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