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Where Do You TresWhiten Your Teeth?

IT WILL SOON BE VALENTINE’S DAY, that special day when our thoughts turn to love, lace, romance, champagne, dinner, moonlight, candlelight, music, dancing, poetry, roses, chocolate…and straight white teeth.

Before your date looks into your eyes, they will first look at your teeth. It’s easy to make them their whitest for your special Valentine’s Day evening with Opalescence tresWhite Supreme by Ultradent. Simply place the tresWhite trays in for 20 minutes before your special rendez-vous and whiten your teeth to look and feel your best.

Ask your dentist or orthodontist this Valentine Season for tresWhite whitening trays. It’s that easy to whiten your teeth. It’s tres easy with tresWhite by Ultradent!


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