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In Loving Memory of Stasia Gorczyca

In Loving Memory of
Stasia B. Gorczyca
February 6, 1930 – December 18, 2001

MY MOTHER INSTILLED IN ME the love of music. When I was 3 1/2 years old, she started teaching me the piano. When I was 8, I began flute lessons and together, my mother and I took an incredible musical journey.

At 12, I joined my mother, a violinist in the New Bedford Symphony, in playing Smetana Moldau Suite. My flute teacher, Faust Fiore was first flute, I was second. In High School we also played together in the Fall River Symphony where I was first flute and Mom played second violin not far from my seat.

My mother was in the audience of my every musical adventure, All Eastern Orchestra, under the baton of Benjamin Zander, Young Artist Showcase, WQXR New York, Carnegie Hall with the MIT Symphony, Longwood Symphony, every competition and recital. We had a great time.

In Boston, when I was a dental student at Harvard School of Dental Medicine, I had some great flute teachers. These included Louis Moyse, Claude Monteaux, John Heiss and Lois Schaeffer of the Boston Symphony. (I am happy to report Lois is doing well at age 88!) I used to practice 2 hours a day during dental school and am still occassionally refered to as “the flute girl of Vanderbilt Hall.”

My mother was principal violinist of the New Bedford Symphony when she was in High School. At the very end of her life she was the very last 2nd violinist. I used to kid her and say “Mom, you’re almost behind the curtain!” She would say “I don’t care, I’m still playing!

The movement included is III. Allegro Vivace from the Khachaturian Flute Concerto which I played with my mother and the New Bedford Symphony my last year of Dental School. It was the last performance we had together before I moved to Chicago and started my orthodontic residency and my professional career as an orthodontist. It was the last movement and performance we ever played together.

I am happy to report that my son started violin at age 4 with my mother’s 1/10th size violin. He is now up to 1/4 size and he is playing beautifully. Whenever he doesn’t want to practice I always tell him, “You’ll remember these days with Mom, playing music and the violin.”

Please honor Stasia by supporting the Stasia Gorczyca Endowment Fund:

Stasia Gorczyca Endowment Fund
New Bedford Symphony Orchestra
P.O. Box 2053
New Bedford, Massachusetts 02741


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