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Expressions Of Gratitude From Members Of Our Team

THE HOLIDAY SEASON MEANS DIFFERENT THINGS to different people. For some, it may be the time they look forward to spending with family and friends. For some, it’s a time of celebration. For others, it may be a time for faith and devotion.

We’re Reflecting On The Things We’re Most Grateful For…

Here at Gorczyca Orthodontics, we’ve taken some time to reflect on this past year and to list some of the things we’re grateful for. We’ve asked everyone who works here to take a minute to share his or her thoughts on the holiday season.

We Want To Share Those Thoughts With You

Dr. Gorczyca

“I am grateful for our loved ones who have left us for the time that we had together.”


“I am grateful for our family and friends.”


“I am grateful for peace, love, rest and relaxation of our time at home together.”


“I am grateful for the work that we do, the jobs we have, and the special patients that we serve.”


“I am grateful for our homes, community, families and friends.”


“I am grateful for our children who bring so much joy into our lives.”


“I am grateful for our families who we go home to each night.”


“I am blessed by everyone in my life.”


“I am grateful for my family and my puppy.”


“I am grateful for being a working mother and wife. It keeps me sane!”

We Would Love To Hear From You Too!

As the holiday season approaches, what are you grateful for? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

We Felt This Video Was A Good Reminder To All Of Us…

One More Thing…

We’re so grateful for each of you—our wonderful patients and friends. Because of you, we love working here each day. We’re thankful for our relationships, and for the trust you place in us each time you visit and reach out with your health concerns and feedback.

During this holiday season, join Gorczyca Orthodontics in our Toys for Tots drive. Please bring an unwrapped toy for a needy boy or girl for Christmas.

We wish you a very happy holiday season!


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