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You Had Me At Hello, Do Your Braces Right, The First Time

BOYS MAY NOT CARE too much about their appearance, teeth and jaws when they are in high school. At that time, they may not want to follow an orthodontist’s recommendations for ideal orthodontic treatment. When they are men, priorities have changed, and they care a lot.

Having to do braces over, for the second time, when they could have been done right the first time, is a waste of time and money. This can be avoided when braces are done right, with an orthodontist, the first time.

Check Out This Re-Treatment Case…

The difference between the two smiles shown below may not look too different. In terms of dental health, the difference is HUGE.

The first smile is a result requiring secondary orthodontic treatment, that is, treatment requiring a redo for the second time, now by an orthodontist at the request of the patient.

The “Before” Picture Contains Several Unhealthy Findings…

This first smile exhibits many unhealthy findings easily recognizable to an orthodontist or an excellent general dentist.

  • Openbite at the maxillary laterals
  • Canines with mesial root tip
  • Midlines off, bite asymmetry

What is more significant is…

  • The lower incisors are tipped so far forward they are almost completely out of the bone. Long term this will lead to gum recession, periodontal grafting surgery, and lack of stability of the orthodontic result, resulting in lower tooth crowding.
  • Lack of anterior guidance, the ability for the patient to bite their anterior teeth in a forward motion, is occlusal disease and puts additional force on the jaw, and wear on the teeth. This initial bite exhibits occlusal disease.
  • Most significant, the patient has returned to an orthodontist’s office, not happy about their appearance.

Ideal Orthodontic Treatment May Require Extractions Or Surgery… 

Some orthodontic cases require orthodontic extractions or orthognathic surgery in order to produce an ideal result. Orthodontists ethically cannot treat a patient in a way that would make a patient less healthy. This is why orthodontists tell patients to do their treatment correctly or not at all, the first time.

How you look will affect your happiness, who you date, who you marry, what kind of job you have, and future job promotions. You want to look and feel your best.

Great Orthodontic Treatment Is A Gift For Life

This case was retreated by orthodontist Dr. Ann Marie Gorczyca, Gorczyca Orthodontics, in Antioch, California. To find out more information about ideal and healthy orthodontic treatment by an orthodontist, visit the American Association of Orthodontists at

Do your orthodontic treatment right the first time. You may not get a second chance at “You had me at hello”.


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