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Reining in Dental Overjet, Get Your Smile to the Winner’s Circle

TO REIGN IN dental overjet, the horizontal overlap of front teeth (incisors), orthodontists need a stone wall. This is called maximum retraction, a situation where the front teeth are pulled back as much as possible, but the back teeth do not move forward.

Dental Overjet Can Be Corrected With Orthodontics

Ideal overjet is 2 to 3 millimeters. Excessive overjet, where the upper front teeth are too far flared, spaced, and forward, often reflects a skeletal problem. This can also be found in patients with good jaw proportions. Excessive overjet can be corrected with orthodontics. Treatment may include extraction of the upper first biscuspid teeth, a lower jaw advancement, or braces or Invisalign treatment with rubber bands.

With braces, a holding arch such as a Nance appliance may be placed. It is extremely comfortable and effective for maintaining molar position during front tooth retraction. With Invisalign, Tissue Anchorage Devices (TADs) may be placed into bone for elastic wear.

It Makes A Big Difference In Your Facial Appearance

Retracting the front teeth dramatically improves facial appearance. Upper front tooth retraction into the mouth also protects these teeth from being fractured.

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Orthodontists can gain and maintain control of your overjet. Start correcting your overjet today and get your smile to the winner’s circle.


3 responses to "Reining in Dental Overjet, Get Your Smile to the Winner’s Circle"

  • HUDA says:


    I’m 20 and I have an over jet which caused my chin to be week and face to look kind of narrow, I basically have a recessive chin even though until the age of 11 my chin seemed very normal and solid. my doctor said its because of tounge thrust my teeth moved forward and changed my appearance. I have had braces for 6 years but I haven’t been using my elastic or rubber bands everyday. I now started doing that so do you think that if my over jet is corrected my chin will look stronger? like the little girl that you posted in this website?

    Thanks a lot

  • Mm says:

    can this kind of problem be fixed with braces and rubber bands?

    • NO.

      Skeketal deficiencies

      too small lower jaw

      small lower jaw length and form

      cannot be fixed with braces and rubber bands alone.

      Correction of skeleletal deficincies often require

      jaw surgery

      as in the case

      you presented,

      for the most esthetic

      stable and functional

      result possible.

      Thank you for your inquiry. Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of any further assistance.


      Dr. Ann Marie Gorczyca

      Board Certified Orthodontist

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