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Eliminate the Black Triangle For A Smile That’s Out Of This World

YOU LOOK AT YOUR FRONT TEETH and you see an unidentified black object (UBO). Darkness… no contact… What is that black triangle between your upper front teeth?

Sometimes front teeth can be bulbous or triangular in shape. Their contact point, where the teeth touch, can be at the edge of the teeth, creating a “black triangle” appearance.

The Best Approach For This Situation…

If your teeth have a “black triangle”, your orthodontist can help. The best approach to solve this situation is to smooth away a tiny bit of tooth structure, about the width of a piece of paper, at the edge of the teeth. This reshaping creates a longer contact point between your teeth when the teeth are moved together by orthodontic treatment and eliminates the “black triangle”.

This Can Also Be Caused By Gum Recession

Black triangles can also be caused by gum recession. Lack of upper front tooth gum or “papilla” can be due to crowded or overlapped front teeth.

At Gorczyca Orthodontics, we specialize in eliminating the “black triangle”. Patients come to our office and especially to see Dr. Ann Marie Gorczyca to ask her to send their “black triangle” away.

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Eliminate the black triangle. Make your smile out of this world.


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