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Dental Anxiety? We Understand And We Can Help

DID YOU KNOW THAT THE MAJORITY OF US experience SOME level of dental anxiety? As much as 80%, in fact. Despite our best efforts we know that there’s something that feels inherently vulnerable about lying back in a chair while we examine your mouth. We’ve been patients too.

Communication Can Make You More Comfortable

We want you to feel confident during your visits with us. We believe that one key is open communication between our team and you—our valued patient! Whether you’re extremely nervous during dental appointments, or just slightly uncomfortable, communication helps. However, it’s hard to know exactly how, or what, to communicate sometimes.

If you’d really like to explore the reasons you feel nervous about dental visits, here’s a handy questionnaire developed by J.H. Clarke and S. Rustvold at the Oregon Health Sciences University School of Dentistry. If you’d like, look over the first four questions and let us know where you fall on the scale. It’s a simple way to tell us how you’re feeling.

Is Your Dental Appointment Coming Up?

Check out the video below outlining a routine check-up. It could help get you in the right mindset:

Simple Understanding Can Make A Huge Difference

Once we understand a little bit about your triggers and your reaction to dental-related situations, we can do a lot to make you feel comfortable. Some techniques we use include:

  • Taking adequate time so you don’t feel rushed or harried.
  • Carefully explaining everything before we do it.
  • Establishing signals so that you can let us know if you need a break.

There’s Nothing To Be Worried About From The Orthodontic Office

It’s good to know that orthodontists do not give shots. Orthodontists don’t need to give shots because nothing that an orthodontist does causes pain.

Patients often ask Dr. Gorczyca at the initial exam, “What do braces feel like?” Dr. Gorczyca replies “Put your finger on your front teeth and push. That’s what braces feel like. They feel fine. There is nothing to worry about.”

Patients usually love coming to the orthodontist. Orthodontic offices are fun. If you are an anxious patient, Dr. Gorczyca invites you to just come and visit us and visit the office. Look around. Spend some time with us at the office and especially with our other patients. We encourage you to ask our current patients questions about the treatment they are receiving so that you can answer your own questions about what is causing your anxiety.

We Want You To Feel Comfortable And In-Control

If you are someone anxious about impressions, Dr. Gorczyca will give you an impression tray to take home so you can practice having the tray in your mouth ahead of the impression taking procedure. Once you know what to expect from the feeling of an impression tray in your mouth, anxiety about this procedure is eliminated, and you will be at ease.

Once in the orthodontic chair receiving orthodontic treatment at Gorczyca Orthodontics, all you have to do is raise your hand to have a comfort break. When you raise your hand, whatever procedure we are doing will stop. This helps you realize that you are in total control. Being in control at the orthodontic office will give you a sense of happiness, comfort, and inner peace. We proceed at your rate, not ours.

If You Have Anxiety, We Can Help

If you are someone with dental anxiety, Gorczyca Orthodontics can help. Please visit our office for a complimentary orthodontic evaluation. If need be, we can also refer you to an excellent dentist who is just right for you.

Don’t let dental anxiety keep you from attaining oral health and a beautiful smile. The hardest step is just calling. (925) 757-9000.

We’re looking forward to seeing you at Gorczyca Orthodontics.


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