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What Are Your Fourth Of July Plans? Here Are Ours!


Independence Day is coming up, and it’s a great time to reflect on—and express gratitude for—all of the precious freedoms we enjoy every day.

It’s also a great holiday for enjoying time with friends and family. We enjoy being part of the community too!

We Asked Our Team, “What Are Your 4th Of July Plans?”


“I can’t wait for the 4th of July to hang out with my family and friends. Our BBQ includes ribs and oysters.”


“On the 4th of July I plan to do as little as possible. We will be staying indoors to avoid the sparks and noise of fireworks!”


“We plan to live it up on the 4th of July at Six Flags amusement park. Our girls are also going to be in a 4th of July parade. They will look so cute!”


“We do not leave our house on the 4th of July to avoid crazy people! We can see the fireworks over the Delta from our house!”


“I will be at Lake Tahoe on the 4th of July with 30 other family members. We are planning a barbeque on the beach.”

Dr. Gorczyca

“We will be in the peace and quiet of The Sea Ranch on the 4th of July. Since this is an ecologically conscious, nature community, fireworks have been banned because they scare the nesting birds! We are planning a backyard cook-out with friends.

“The 4th of July will always be very special to me because my parents were married on the 4th of July. My parents are no longer with me, but when they were my Dad would say ‘I lost my independence on Independence Day!’”

Now Let’s Hear From You!

What are YOUR plans? Do you have suggestions for all of us? We look forward to hearing from YOU!

From all of us here, we wish you a wonderful holiday. Be safe, brush your teeth, and we’ll see you the next time you visit us.

Thanks for being our valued patients and friends.


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