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While In Braces, Your Teeth Are Protected With Opal Seal

QUALITY ORTHODONTIC RESULTS take time. It’s assuring to know that during your time in braces, your orthodontist is protecting your teeth and your enamel with Opal Seal.

Opal Seal Acts As A Barrier To Prevent Plaque

Opal Seal is an advanced bond-enhancing primer produced by Opal Orthodontics and Ultradent. It is applied by your orthodontist to the entire facial surface of your teeth prior to placement of your orthodontic brackets. Like a dental sealant, Opal Seal acts as a barrier to plaque and provides fluoride during your orthodontic treatment. You can be assured that Opal Seal will help your teeth look fabulous the day your braces come off.

Opal Seal is invisible, but you and your orthodontic team can easily see it under a UV black light. It typically lasts several months and can be reapplied to your teeth throughout orthodontic treatment .

Oral Hygiene Can Be More Difficult When You Have Braces

With braces, you are more likely to have challenges with oral hygiene. That’s why at Gorczyca Orthodontics in Antioch, California, we use Opal Seal. We encourage our patients with braces to brush three times per day, floss regularly, and visit their dentist and dental hygienist regularly. We will remove your orthodontic wires for your dental cleanings. Our goal is your A+ in hygiene and your beautiful smile.

Excellent Results Are Worth The Wait

At Gorczyca Orthodontics we care about giving you the best orthodontic result possible with dental and gingival health. This smile was created by Board Certified Orthodontist Dr. Ann Marie Gorczyca and took 38 months to complete. Smiles scored clinically excellent by the American Board of Orthodontics often take up to three years for completion. The result is worth the wait. Your beautiful smile will be healthy, stable, and will last you a lifetime.

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Here’s to your beautiful smile!


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