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Memories of My Orthodontist, Dr. Lawrence Oliveira

IT’S HARD TO APPRECIATE the influence one may have on a young person’s life. I am so thankful for the influence my orthodontist, Dr. Lawrence Oliveria of New Bedford, Massachusetts had on mine. He gave me the inspiration to become an orthodontist.

Dr. Oliveria Was A Very Cool Guy…

He was nice, handsome, always smelled good, talked to me, and even sent me a birthday card. He was a very good person. His brother was Monsigneur at my confirmation. His sister was one of my mother’s best friends. Adding to his coolness was his Corvette convertible, exactly like Barbie’s, except in silver. For a twelve year old, these things went a long way.

There was one funny thing about Dr. Oliveira’s office. His mother was his receptionist. She was a wonderful lady, friendly and kind. But every so often, she would let her motherhood shine threw and say something like, “Larry, get over here!” It was hard for me to understand then that my orthodontist was also once a kid.

My mother told me that Dr. Oliveria remodeled his mother’s kitchen. Having received this subliminal hint, once I became an orthodontist, I felt compelled to also remodel my mother’s kitchen! I am very thankful I was able to do that while she was still with us.

I Was So Excited About My Results

I loved the orthodontic result that Dr. Oliveria gave me. It changed my life. It may surprise you that I was not always a good orthodontic patient. Once, I went to the amusement park with my friends and bit into a candy apple. All my front braces broke off! Dr. Oliveira was so mad that he could hardly speak! Then I did the unthinkable. I wrapped my retainers in paper towels and my mother threw them away. Now both my orthodontist and my mother were mad at me!

In My Book, I Write…

In my new book, It All Starts with Marketing- 201 Marketing Tips for Growing a Dental Practice, I write:

“As a child, I loved my orthodontist and his office. It may surprise you that what impressed me most was his fish tank.”

Yes, he had a beautiful fish tank. It had salt water, yellow and blue fish, and even a “Nemo.” It was the most beautiful fish tank I had ever seen.

Forty years later, my orthodontist’s son, Dr. Neil Oliveira, has taken over his practice. I hope he still has the fish tank. I never truly had the opportunity to thank my orthodontist. Here’s to you, Dr. Lawrence Oliveria, from Ann Marie.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


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