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Dads And Invisalign

IT TAKES A FEW SPECIAL qualities to make a great father- strength, kindness, patience, understanding, and love.

Dads are so generous about bringing and sending their children to the orthodontist for orthodontic treatment.

But What About Dad?

Dad is usually the last family member to straighten his teeth. It’s true, most men are brought to the orthodontist by their wives or girlfriends for tooth straightening.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to give Dad a beautiful smile, too?

With Invisalign it’s easy. Invisalign clear removable aligners are comfortable, look great, and still allow Dad to eat whatever he would like.

Call Us To Learn More

If you would like to give Dad the gift of a beautiful smile, call us at Gorczyca Orthodontics (925) 757-9000 for a complimentary consultation. Visit us at

Let your Dad know how much you love him and that he is a great dad! Give Dad a beautiful smile!


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