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Parents: Orthodontic Treatment Will Change Your Child’s Life

YOU NEVER GET a second chance to make a good first impression. Many young people say braces were the best thing that ever happened to them. Many parents report that braces had a very positive impact on their child’s confidence and self-esteem. Who doesn’t want to look and feel their best?

A Smile Can Affect All Aspects Of Your Life

Parents: your child’s smile will affect how they feel, who they date, who they marry, what type of job they get, and ultimately how successful they may be in life. That’s why at Gorczyca Orthodontics, we are passionate about giving young people the orthodontic treatment they need for the happiest and most successful life possible.

Dr. Gorczyca has over 25 years of orthodontic experience and our professional team has over 100 combined years of knowledge in delivering orthodontic satisfaction . We have treated over 10,000 happy patients. We understand what your child’s straight teeth mean to them and to you.

We Help Create Happy And Healthy Smiles

Advanced orthodontics can give your child amazing results. We create a personalized orthodontic solution to your child’s unique needs. Call us today at (925) 757-9000 or visit us at to schedule your child’s complimentary orthodontic evaluation.

Parents: whatever your child’s orthodontic needs, we’re here to help. You will be very happy with the way your child looks after orthodontic treatment. People’s reaction to your child’s smile will be beyond positive and everyone will feel great.


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