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Don’t Bob For Apples With Braces!

BOBBING FOR APPLES is a game often played on Halloween. Fill a large tub with water and less dense apples will float. Catch the apples with your teeth with your hands behind your back. What fun!

Bobbing for Apples Around the World

Bobbing is called “dooking” (i.e. ducking) in Scotland. In Northern England, bobbing for apples is called apple ducking or duck-apple. In Ireland, mainly in Kerry County, apple bobbing is known as Snap Apple. In Newfoundland and Labrador, Snap Apple Night is Halloween.

The tradition of bobbing for apples dates back to the Roman invasion of Britain. Young unmarried people would try to bite into the apple by either bobbing for or eating an apple hanging on the string. Those who were successful were thought to be the next to marry.

Bobbing For Apples? Braces Beware!

If you have braces, DON’T play bobbing for apples! Your braces will break off. This is no fun at all! You will need to go back to your orthodontic office for an emergency appointment. This may produce upset parents and teachers. There may even be an orthodontic charge to replace your carelessly broken braces. YIKES!

Look On The Bright Side

Although you cannot bob for apples with braces, look on the bright side. By not bobbing for apples, you will be avoiding an unsanitary game where a number of individuals have placed their entire heads, mouths, and saliva into the same bowl of water. In addition, you will avoiding the Roman belief that you will be marrying soon, in addition to not breaking your orthodontic brackets.

After your braces are off, you can bob for apples all you like. Knock yourself out! Set a world’s record.

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