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Orthodontic Treatment and Lumineers Will Transform Your Smile

THERE IS NO NEED to be embarrassed about your smile. Orthodontic treatment and LumineersĀ® are a fast and easy way to give you the smile you always wanted.

Lumineers Can Do Wonders For Your Smile

Prior to Lumineers, your orthodontist will correct spacing and placement of your teeth to give you the best Lumineers smile makeover possible.

Chipped teeth can be fixed and instantly whitened with Lumineers. Small teeth can also be made the ideal size and shape. Stained teeth can be make to look young again.

Lumineers are strong. They are made from porcelain which maintains its radiance for over 20 years. Lumineers preserve your natural tooth structure and are relatively easy to get after your orthodontic treatment is completed.

We Can Help You Achieve A Beautiful Smile

Your orthodontist will work closely with your cosmetic dentist prepare your teeth for Lumineers. This case was prepared by Board Certified Orthodontist Dr. Ann Marie Gorczyca, Gorczyca Orthodontics, Antioch, California. Find us at

Ask your orthodontist today which dentists in your community offer Lumineers. To find an orthodontist in your area visit

Change your smile and change your life!


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