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The Queen of Dental Social Media

IT’S BEEN A FEW YEARS NOW since I read Mark Schaeffer’s classic social media book “The Tao of Twitter.”

I decided to follow this author’s advice and reach out and schedule my first “tweet up” with a person I had never met before who I considered “The Queen of Dental Social Media” Livvie Matthews. The experience in the words of Seth Godin was “remarkable.”

Livve had worked in dentistry for 30 years and that’s where her social media dynasty began. When it comes to social media, Livvie lives by the words “Content is King” and “Consistency is Queen.” Always friendly, helpful, never “sales-y” and putting forth great content in a positive and inspirational manner, Livvie has helped thousands of dentists, dental assistants, and people in dentistry and small business with the “social” side of their of social media.

Livvie Shows Her Followers She Cares

Through her facebook and twitter posts, blogs, video series, and soon to be released podcast with Dr. Howard Farran of Howard Speaks, Livvie constantly shows her friends and followers that she cares. Livvie simply lights the world with her love and positivity through social media.

So I met up with Livvie in Charlotte North Carolina.

Our “tweet-up” exceeded my expectations! Larger than life, with a smile on her face, love in her heart, and enthusiasm emanating from every pore of her body, Livvie continued to amaze me in every way. What amazed me most of all was something unexpected. Livvie gave me some of the best and most effective dental practice management advice I have ever received!

Since our “tweet-up” Livvie has branched out into becoming an online marketing business coach and transitioned to working with dental coaches, consultants and women entrepreneurs to help them attract more clients and achieve more freedom in their business. Her morning posts are a great way to start the day and keep business owners focused on what’s important in running a successful small business.

Livvie’s Posts Are Inspiring

Livvie’s social media contributions continue to inspire me. I can’t wait for my second “tweet-up” with the Queen of Dental Social Media “Livvie Matthews Online Marketing Business Coach.”

I am thankful for great people like Livvie Matthews. They truly make the world a better place. Here lie the power and benefits of social media.

Dr. Ann Marie Gorczyca is an orthodontist at Gorczyca Orthodontics in Antioch, California. She is author of the books “It All Starts with Marketing” and “Beyond the Morning Huddle”.

She lives in Walnut Creek and the Sea Ranch, California with her husband and son.

Top image by Flickr user Kvasir79 used under Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 4.0 license. Image cropped and modified from original.
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