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You Better Not Pout, the Orthodontist is Coming to Town

POUTING OR “thrusting out the lip, as in saddness” appears as an expression of displeasure. The lower lip sticks out farther than the upper lip. The chin often has a “golf ball” appearance and the lips strain to close over the teeth.

Jaw and Tooth Structure May Be Causing The Appearance of Pouting

Bimaxillary dentoalveolar protrusion produces the appearance of pouting. Jaws and teeth cause the lips to be more prominent than ideal. Lips may be separated at rest producing lip opening. In some cases, the appearance of the teeth may not be a problem, but the affect of moving the teeth back on changing the facial profile is desired and dramatic.


Our Lineage Affects Our Appearance

Lips are influenced by ethnic norms. Northern Europeans have thin lips. Asian and Africans have thicker lips and more tooth prominence. The patient’s desires, nose and chin size, and culture, will all influence the orthodontic decision to move teeth back to improved facial appearance.

Have Questions? We Have Answers!

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If you pout, it may be an indication that your teeth stick out too far. An orthodontist can fix this. So, there’s no need to pout. You’re better off not to pout at any time of the year, and especially when Santa Claus is coming to town.


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