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The King of Dental Social Media

IT’S BEEN A FEW YEARS SINCE I happened upon the Facebook post from the Chicago Midwinter Dental Meeting reading “Girls, stay in school.” Having sparse historical background on it’s creator, Dr. Howard Farran, I was intrigued to follow this dentist of modern times. Little did I know that I had stumbled upon the King of Dental Social Media.

Dr. Farran Has A Wealth Of Accomplishments

Looking back, it is unbelievable what Dr. Howard Farran has accomplished in the past 6 years. In awe I watched his dental social media empire grow from his first tweet to 19.6K Followers. He makes 70 Instagram posts in a single day, keeps 263,961 Facebook followers engaged, while maintaining more Pinterest boards than dentistry has specialities, with 45,005 entertained Followers.

As if superhuman, when not at his dental practice, or Farran Media, publishers of Dentaltown, Hygienetown, and Orthotown magazines, Dr. Farran:

  • Writes books,
  • Has taped over 600+ podcasts for Dentistry Uncensored,
  • And travels all corners of the world lecturing about dentistry.

His talks are so entertaining that audience members experience stomach pain from laughter and smile until their faces hurt. Then when his work is done, Dr. Farran runs an IronMan.

But like King Arthur, what is most impressive about the Farranian legend is Dr. Howard Farran’s good qualities which he uses to give a voice to those often not heard by dentistry. He does this with courage, charisma, humility, loyalty, honor, and faith.

Dr. Farran’s mission is simple: “To connect every dentist on earth so no dentist will ever have to practice solo again.” This he has achieved in legendary style as the King of Dental Social Media.

Thank You Dr. Farran

I am thankful for great people like Dr. Howard Farran. They truly make the world a better place. Here lie the power and benefits of social media.

Dr. Ann Marie Gorczyca is an orthodontist at Gorczyca Orthodontics in Antioch, California. She is author of the books It All Starts with Marketing and “Beyond the Morning Huddle”.


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