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Break the Orthodontic Speed Barrier: Teens, Invisalign, and Acceledent


You’re in a rush.

Prom’s up and graduation is a few months away.

You’re ready to move out and move on.

Why the crooked teeth? Have you not realized that your parents are not going to pay for orthodontic treatment after you move out of the house?

What are you going to do?

Answer: Invisalign Teen with Acceledent


  1. Invisalign teen will give you three dimensional tooth movement the day you start treatment.
  2. Invisalign teen is removable for your big event.
  3. If you lose your Invisalign teen trays, you get three sets for free.
  4. Acceledent will double the rate of your tooth movement and cut your treatment time in half.
  5. You can finish your treatment with Invisalign teen even after you move out of the house to get the ideal result you deserve.

This is awesome!

Call Us Now To Get Started

Call us now at Gorczyca Orthodontics (925) 757-9000 and come in today for your Invisalign teen impressions. We will rush order and overnight mail your case to get your trays as soon as possible. We have Acceledent in stock.

Check out the video below to see what Danni has to say about her Invisalign Teen experience:

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Break the orthodontic speed barrier. Thumbs up to your beautiful smile.


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