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  • Sofia E. says:

    Gorczyca Orthodontics is a great place. It is kids friendly you should join if you want your child to get cleanings check ups and even braces. and to let people know braces don’t hurt

  • Sarah R. says:

    Wonderful Staff, everyhting is explained and they have in house financing!!!!! So glad I took my son here for his braces! They are the best!!

  • Anonymous says:

    I was referred to Dr. G by Dr. Shirani. My daughter LOVES going to see her. They have a kids area that my other daughter plays video games while Jo is being treated. I recommend her!!!!

  • Russ Borrelli says:

    When My daughter was 7 years I brought her to multiple orthodontist for a fairly severel cross and underbite. One ortho recommended the removal of 7 teeth along with braces and wiring. Others recommended similar but less severe treatment. Dr. Gorczyca recommended a logical path that called for no removal of teeth and some gradual retainer work. Her treatment plan worked perfectly. She had no teeth removed, never had to wear braces and has a perfect bite and beautiful teeth today and she is now 23. It scares me to think what would have happened to her had we not seen Dr. Gorczyca. I have recommended her to several people over the years and all have been very pleased with several thanking me for the recommendation. My son has also had treatment from her with great results. You will not find a better orthodontist and nicer caring person than her. One last note I had to bring my son to Stanford for some treatment where they recommended me to seek orthodontic treatment. I told them Dr. Gorczyca was my ortho and they said I couldn’t be in better hands. I am so grateful to her for the treatment she provided to my daughter and son.

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